# Simple Serial Manager

This is just a simple implementation of System.IO.Ports library (opens new window), easy and fast to implement in your project. Simple Serial Manager is designed for simple scenarios when you need to manage serial ports fastly. If you need to manage ports with advenced concepts and requierements, please use the microsoft library or access properties inherited by SimplePort.

NuGet Package Released

Finally NuGet package for Simple Serial Manager v1.0.1 was released. If you want to install package or upgrade from an older version, access one of the following Options.

Download or upgrade from NuGet (opens new window)
Download or upgrade from Github (opens new window)

# Inspiration

As a software developer, I have faced multiple situations where I have had to implement serial ports. Tired of reimplementing the same lines of code all the time (Despite only having to copy and paste code from my private blog), I decided to simplify this process by creating a library that allows me and allows to other developers who can relate to this situation, to implement serial communication in a short period of time and in a simple way.

# Features

The following are the features supported by this library:

  • Search for available serial ports connected in the device.
  • Open an available serial port to start data transfer.
  • Event to manage received data in real time.
  • Get received data bytes length.
  • Get received data string.
  • Get received data in a byte array.
  • Check if port is open.
  • Close port.
  • Pin Changed Event.
  • Error Received Event.
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